Your partners in Maritime Consultancy Our Mission Antwerp Ship Partners is a company registered in Antwerp with “maritime consultation” being its core activity.  The consulting covers specific ship related activities such as chartering, surveys and ship design. ASP sees itself as the ideal trusted Partner between design companies and potential ship-owners and this in relation to all aspects of ship design that need to comply with international laws becoming ever more stringent , to worldwide environmental limitations being applied and the necessity to become more and more cost efficient in favor of owners and operators. Through its vast and diversified experience, the ASP team is put in a unique position to – as a partner - act as a catalyst between the different parties involved in the design, chartering and operating of ships and all other aspects that could be of any importance in the process. Continuous learning, an extensive network and discrete interaction are core values  that form our trademark and will ensure that we will always be an added value to the partners we do business with.